Mas sobre Computación Cuántica Topológica

Posted on 5 septiembre 2008


Topologically Protected Qubits from a Possible Non-Abelian Fractional Quantum Hall State.
Sankar Das Sarma, Michael Freedman and Chetan Nayak in Physical Review Letters, Vol. 94, pages 166802-1–168802-4; April 29, 2005.
(pdf) Arxiv

Devices Based on the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect May Fulfill the Promise of Quantum Computing.
Charles Day in Physics Today, Vol. 58, pages 21–24; October 2005.

Anyon There?
David Lindley in Physical Review Focus, Vol. 16, Story 14; November 2, 2005.

Topological Quantum Computation. John Preskill. Lecture notes available at
(PDF) Caltech

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