Suppressing Spin Qubit Dephasing by Nuclear State Preparation

Posted on 5 septiembre 2008


D. J. Reilly, J. M. Taylor, J. R. Petta, C. M. Marcus, M. P. Hanson and A. C. Gossard

Coherent spin states in semiconductor quantum dots offer promise as electrically controllable quantum bits (qubits) with scalable fabrication. For few-electron quantum dots made from gallium arsenide (GaAs), fluctuating nuclear spins in the host lattice are the dominant source of spin decoherence. We report a method of preparing the nuclear spin environment that suppresses the relevant component of nuclear spin fluctuations below its equilibrium value by a factor of ~70, extending the inhomogeneous dephasing time for the two-electron spin state beyond 1 μ s. The nuclear state can be readily prepared by electrical gate manipulation and persists for > 10 s.

Publicado en la revista Science.

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