Continuous variable quantum cryptography using two-way quantum communication

Posted on 11 septiembre 2008


Articulo en donde muestran la construcción teórica de un protocolo criptográfico de comunicación cuántica.

Authors: Stefano Pirandola, Stefano Mancini, Seth Lloyd, Samuel L. Braunstein

Abstract: In recent years, quantum cryptography has been extended to the continuous variable systems where the potentialities of quantum optics can be now fully exploited. In this framework, we introduce a general recipe for the construction of cryptographic protocols based on a multi-way quantum communication. In particular, we show how quantum entanglement provides a physical resource that assists the secret encoding by leading to a non-trivial superadditive enhancement of the security thresholds. Such a superadditive effect has been proven in the case of collective Gaussian attacks and can be exploited in the engineering of more complex quantum communication circuits.

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Nature Physics

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