QIP seminar, Mon 10/20, 4:15, 36-428, Kenneth Brown

Posted on 16 octubre 2008


MIT Quantum Information Processing seminar
Monday 10/20 at 4:15 in 36-428


Kenneth Brown (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Quantum Simulations and Errors


A quantum simulation is a map of the dynamics of a target quantum
system onto a control quantum system. A quantum computer is a control
quantum system that can simulate any target quantum system. In this
talk, we describe two cases of quantum simulations in the presence of
errors. In the first case, we examine a control quantum system that
simulates the target system in an interaction picture. Although the
control system simulates the dynamics, it does not simulate the
thermodynamics of the target system. This is an important distinction
when the target system represents a Hamiltonian with proposed
error-correcting properties. In the second case, we use a model of a
fault-tolerant quantum architecture to evaluate the resource cost of
evaluating the ground state energy of the target quantum system. The
resources are compared to performing Shor’s algorithm on the same
model.  Simulations of modest accuracy on 10’s of qubits are found to
have comparable cost, in the product of computational time and space
(KQ), to the factoring of 1024 bit numbers.


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