QIP seminar, Wed 10/22, 3:00, 36-428, William Oliver

Posted on 22 octubre 2008



In this talk, we will present an overview of our superconductive quantum
computing effort. In collaboration with Lincoln�s Solid State Division (Division
8) and the MIT campus, we have fabricated superconductive artificial atoms,
actively cooled them to near absolute zero, and demonstrated new
broadband spectroscopy techniques along with the more conventional Rabi,
Ramsey, and spin-echo metrics to characterize their coherence. These
artificial atoms form the fundamental building blocks, �qubits,� of a quantum information processor. We
have developed and simulated a universal set of gate operations capable of low error rates to control
these qubits. Today, we are working to improve single-qubit coherence while coupling these qubits
into more complicated circuit elements. The talk will present a review of our progress and future work.


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