QIP seminar, Mon 11/17, 4:15, 36-428, Aliferis,Panos

Posted on 17 noviembre 2008


MIT Quantum Information Processing seminar
Monday 11/17 at 4:15 in 36-428


Aliferis,Panos (IBM)

Fault-tolerant quantum computing against highly biased noise


Experimentalists in quantum computing observe that in many  of their systems
noise is biased—i.e., loss of phase coherence in  the computational basis occurs
faster than relaxation to the lowest  energy eigenstate or leakage outside the
computational subspace. I  will discuss a scheme for fault-tolerant quantum computation
that is  especially designed to protect against biased noise. The scheme is
particularly effective when the noise bias is very high, with  dephasing dominating
other types of noise by three orders of  magnitude or more. To illustrate how this
scheme could be relevant  for future experiments, I will discuss the design of a
universal set  of biased-noise operations for the superconducting flux qubit
investigated at the IBM labs.


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